Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bzzing Bees

   I was lucky enough to get in on the latest BzzCampaign for Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Products!  Over the course of the first week I used the face wash and night cream once a day at night, because I do have sensitive skin.  Here's at look at my first week:
Day 1 (December 3rd).  Before I wash my face I scrutinize it in the mirror.  Mm-hmm dry spots around my nose, chin, terrible around my eyebrows and nose ring, topped off with an oily forehead.  Lovely. 
Okay, now for the wait for the hot water to make its way up to the second floor bathroom.  Probably doesn't help that I am running the dishwasher and doing laundry too.  Having read another agents review I was wondering if it was going to sting where I had really dry spots.  It felt refreshing, cool and clean.  AND SMELLED FANTASTIC! On to the cream.  It felt a bit heavy going on but soaked in very quick, leaving my skin feeling silky and soft, with almost a powdered finish.  The cream smells terrific as well.
Day 2.  Have I mentioned how much I love the smell of these products?!  I think starting next week I'll start using it in the morning too, if I can remember to put it in the shower.
Day 3.  Skin feels great.  Flaking around eyebrows has been noticeable reduced.
Day 4.  Having been a long day full of tough decisions, I totally forgot my routine and crashed into bed!
Day 5.  I felt the effect on not using a night cream the next morning, when I awoke with my skin feeling a bit tight.  My husband snitched one of the samples to use on his horrendous dry patches on his legs.   They only appear in the winter and give him much grief. 
Day 6.  Tried some of the night cream on my three year old son, who has some nasty chapping on his chin.  Cleared up by the next day! My skin feels much better today.
Day 7.  Almost no flaking by my eyebrows!  My skin looks happy and youthful to me.  Now to start using it in the morning too!
   So far I have given out 4-5 samples.  One person already reported in: "Day one of face cream, face feeling really smooth! I was worried I'd break out, but I feel great!"
I also tested the Burt's Bees sensitive skin products.  The moisturizer worked a treat on sunburns, better than the aloe stuff I normally use.

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