Wednesday, 24 August 2011


  As parents I think we sometimes fail to see the bonds our kids create with their silent, stuffed friends.  My Bear has had a stuffed seahorse that plays lullabyes since he was 6 months old.  It has been dropped so many times it doesn't play properly anymore.  Bear chewed open one of the fins on it's back while teething.  As tattered as it is, Bear refuses to sleep without it.
  We recently took a trip to Belleville to visit our family.  Packing seahorse was on my last minute list of things to do.  And at the very last minute, I forgot to do just that.  So you can imagine my panic and Bear's sorrow when bedtime at his grandparents arrived and there was no familiar face in his pack-and-play.  I apologized profusely, I felt TERRIBLE.  Cousins to the rescue.  His awesome cousins piled stuffed toy after stuffed toy of there own in with Bear.  After snuffling and sniffling for awhile, he finally gave in to sleep.
   Daddy came up later that week to join us and thoughtfully brought along seahorse.  One would think Bear would be overjoyed to see his bedtime companion.  Nope.  He started crying, and screeching at her, pushing her away and even throwing her to the floor.  What was being witnessed?  Betrayal.  How dare seahorse show up and try to save the day after he had been without her practically all week.  While the adults were on a soother-finding mission, Bear finally forgave seahorse and curled up, hugging it tightly.
   I won't lie.  I was amazed at Bear's display of emotions.  And I will NEVER forget seahorse again.